The good stuff is always worth the work it takes

We will not convince you our goods are the best in the world. However, we guarantee you they are of the finest materials because we source them. They have quality because we make them and they are classy and functional because we use them every day.
As you know, our world is full of faceless products.
We always ask ourselves who designs and makes the things we buy? For us, it is crucial who stands behind the brand. Would you prefer a product made by a craftsman with passion and attention or you just buy a name?
Essential is to pay a fair price for goods made by real people with real stories. It was a journey to find the suppliers we work with now. It is hard to express the feeling when you receive freshly made materials. The smell, the touch, everything confirms that Italians are the best in making the finest premium leather. The family run tannery we work with uses totally vegetable processing according to the ancient Tuscan tradition. As they say, it is not their job to work with leather; it is their life.
What about wool felt? It is definitely from the happiest German sheep, living in a loving family who run their business for years. You know, they even massage their sheep before shearing.
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